Hypo Thick-tailed Gecko


    The Australian barking gecko, also known as the Australian thick-tailed gecko, has undergone a roller coaster ride in taxonomy, having been reclassified 22 times since its discovery in 1823. Its scientific name, most commonly recognized as Underwoodisaurus milii (pronounced under-wood-ee-sore-us mill-ee-eye) was overturned to Nephrurus milii in 1990, back to U. milii in 2000, again to N. milii in 2007, and is currently referred to as Underwoodisaurus milii, once again since 2011. Still loosely considered a knob-tailed gecko by most breeders and keepers, one name that commonly identifies this unique gecko is simply “milii.” In spite of the numerous efforts to figure out how to appropriately label them and properly pronounce their scientific name, these spunky little geckos remain unaffected by identity crisis—they know exactly who they are!

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