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Ringtail Exotics A New Online Pet Store

Ringtail exotics is the answer to the request of many friends and acquaintances to have a different option where to buy their pets, a place where we love animals and more than business what we want is to be part of the happiness of thousands of people and of animals that find that being that fills an important space in their life.

This is why we take the care of our pets very seriously and take all necessary precautions so that they are in the best state, we are very careful with the shipments and you can always count on us for the care of your pet.

Ringtail Exotics is an online pet store, where you will find a different kind of pet, exotic but very affectionate and that will be a great company, we will offer different species such as snakes, frogs, toads, mammals, lizards, chameleons, turtles, amphibians and many other species.

Contact us and be part of the Ringtail Exotics family.

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